The Most Energy Efficient, Intelligent Online Hotel Guest Fridge Ever!

Save over 85% in energy costs compared to standard hotel fridges

“Minibar once again leads the way with another innovative and intelligent guestroom amenity”

Walt Strasser, Executive Vice President
Minibar Systems Worldwide

SmartFridgeECOTM – About

SmartFridgeECO™: the most energy efficient, intelligent online hotel guest fridge ever! SmartFridgeECO™ is the ultimate guestroom fridge for hotels seeking the ultimate in guestroom amenity sanitization notifications, greatly reduced energy consumption and has the longest useful lifespan of any hotel fridge.

SmartFridgeECO™ only cools when guests use the fridge and remains off in vacant rooms and occupied rooms where the guest does not use the fridge.

SmartFridgeECO™ brings online Wi-Fi communications and state-of-the-art network protocols to hotel guestroom fridges and delivers a financial return on investment through maximum energy savings and guest satisfaction.

Online Wi-Fi communication to hotel’s Property Management System

New 16.14 inch slim depth fits shallow spaces

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SmartFridgeECO™ only cools when guests use the fridge

Automatically turns on and off at check-in and check-out via PMS

Saves up to 87% energy over other convenience fridges

Auto snooze and defrost for silent overnight operation

Rooms to sanitize report after check out if fridge used by hotel guest

Quick and easy Wi-Fi setup by hotel staff using tablet or smartphone

Detailed hotel and brand reporting on energy and usage analytics

All operating settings can be customized by hotel

Smart technology that extends the lifespan of SmartFridgeECO™

Hotel can run “what-if” energy saving scenarios to save even more energy

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